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Lightstrive is a projection in the street. A building is lit by a fast moving light source which seems to bounce in front of the façade. Although it´s light makes jutties and balconies cast dancing shadows which keep sheering in changing directions there is no moving light source to be seen. The only real light source is a video projector opposite the building.
People standing in it´s light cone can use their own shadows to play with the invisible light source. Whenever it falls down and enters an area covered by a big screen it will appear as pale spot and recoil from people´s shadows. This is how everyone can push, throw and toss the light like a ball and let it jump up high to illuminate the building from different angles. The light source also ricochets from the building itself - and by chance you might even shoot a hoop when the light gets trapped within a balcony.
Lightstrive was realised during the Olympic Games 2004 in the city of Athens.