Dust is the other side of existence – it starts where we end. To think dust is a specific substance is deceptive: it is rather a different state of being. Dust is omnipresent, inevitable and invincible. No wonder it has few friends among the living. But in mysterious ways these dregs of evolution at the tip of the entropic arrow seem to pile up at its other end just the same way: in cosmic time scales everything we know has at some point emerged from dust – they say. Is it going through a perpetual process of finding forms just to eventually crumble back into disintegration? Science insinuates that relations between things can adequately be expressed by relations between numbers. I believe that in a universe that is expressed using numbers dust is the zero. Therefore, it is dust that has the highest potential of creation. Pay respect to the little flocks, fluffs and lint under your bed. They are nuclei of evolving universes, trapped in awkward situations.