SPIN is a three meter diameter translucent sphere supported on bearings allowing it to roll in all directions so that a person can comfortably walk inside of it. The sphere´s rotation beneath the occupants feet transfers his movements to a virtual 3D scene from which a 360° panoramic view is generated in real time and projected from outside upon the walls of the sphere. As a result, the occupant of SPIN can walk through a virtual world.

BodySpin was conceived and developed as a physical test arrangement for visitors of the art event Crash Test Dummy. The worlds each visitor has to face and ideally pass are selected for him individually. This is done in accordance to his profile determined in a questionnaire about personal needs, fears and feelings about social security.

The accessible worlds are unequally complex, claustrophobic, vertiginous or abstract. In the first place the visitor has to learn how to orient and move within them since there is no up and down. Instead the proband will stick to any surface like an insect. Via data-vest each proband´s pulse and breath are registered and evaluated to alter the world, on purpose or involuntarily. There is no defined goal to achieve but to bear the confrontation.