Thought Absorber

The Thought Absorber was an experimental setup at Copyright Project Space, Berlin, to collects visitors´ thoughts and analyze their structure free from contamination by content.
An array of Galvanic flasks with a ‘cogniphage’ liquid installed beneath the gallery´s ceiling served as detection field to bind whatever was to be thought within the room. The liquid was fed into clear tubes that would slowly traverse it into a hermetic forced-feedback chamber in the middle of the room. This consisted of four inward-looking flat screens and the same number of cameras – each filming its opposing screen to create a feedback loop. In this massively dense field of repetitions all meaning gets redundant and dissolves in the depth of the recursion-corridors. If any thoughts had been bound by the liquid, they would certainly have left the apparatus after this procedure only as skeletized thoughts. Via canulas underneath the chamber the liquid slowly but constantly dripped onto microscope slides for further examinations.