Dust#1: Triptych

Lapis (left side): under extraordinary efforts the utopian metropole Crystal City is kept as a clean room. Continuously dust is collected, studied, sorted and finally transformed to crystal.

Opus Magnum (middle): recordings of a clean room in the semiconductor industy appear as a ghost film. Cinematic dust is jittering on top of it in distinct ways. At one point the dust seems to permeate the film material and appears with calm movements within the film´s narration.

Materia Prima (right side): a deserted basement room is slowly reconquered by dust. The fluff is moving as if it had it´s own mind. It migrates over human relics and finally sets off into the air to sparkle in the breaking light.

The ongoing cracking sound of dust under a record player´s needle refers to the encounter of two antithetic elements