Dust#1: Triptych

The first part of the Dust series Triptych is a symphony about opposing natural principles and man´s eternal striving for control and understanding. The alchemical idea of transmuting the simplest substance into the noblest of all serves as the main theme while the crackling sound of dust under a record player´s sapphire is the installation´s ongoing sound.
Lapis (left)
Under extraordinary efforts the utopian metropolis Crystal City is kept tidy like a gigantic clean room. Continuously Dust is collected, sorted, studied and finally transformed into crystal.
Opus Magnum (middle)
With an implausible behavior specks of dust dance on unexposed film material. Like ghost images this faintly reveals scenes from the industrial semiconductor production. When their dance stops the specks seem to have permeated the film to be part of the movie.
Materia Prima (right)
An abandoned basement is buried in dust. The fluff roams around as if it had its own mind. Finally, it takes off to sparkle in rays of broad daylight.