Inner City - HDR

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Inner City - HDR is a tribute to the architecture of Haus des Rundfunks (”broadcasting house”), which had been designed by Hans Poelzig at the end of the roaring twenties as the world´s first self-contained broadcasting center. To protect the studios from the city´s noise, most of the house forms an embankment encompassing the central buildings with straight and bended sections, which lets straight, convex and concave shapes alternate to form positive and negative spaces - like the inner yards. A perfect architecture to experiment with perspective. The animation Inner City - HDR lets the building appear distorted, straight walls curve and bended walls straighten. At some point the inner yards turn inside out to become free standing building blocks. The animation is based on thousands of photos taken at night to create a 3D scan of the whole building. The movie lets the spectator hover silently above the facades, through the building´s tunnels and even the atrium inside. Inner City - HDR was created for the buildings 90th anniversary festivities which took place during corona times.