Inner City - HDR

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Inner City - HDR is a tribute to the architecture of Haus des Rundfunks (”broadcasting house”), which had been designed by Hans Poelzig at the end of the roaring twenties as the world´s first self-contained broadcasting center. In fact, this huge building consists of several non-orthogonal, slightly overlapping architectural units in alteration with courtyards between them. This wild rhythm of positive/negative, convex/concave and straight/curved elements make this the perfect place for experimental perspective.
Inner City - HDR lets the building appear distorted, straight walls curve and curved ones straighten. It lets the spectator balance along edges, jump over blocks, hover above roofs and pass the building´s tunnels to find ways to its inside. Finally, the building turns inside out with courtyards becoming solid building blocks and the tunnels transforming to bridges.
The animation uses 3D-models of the architecture generated from thousands of photos that were taken at night in the course of a week. Inner City – HDR was created for the building´s 90th anniversary festivities during Covid times. It was presented on a LED wall installed into a window next to the main entrance.